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The 5 Day Confident Launch Challenge

17th - 21st August 2020 

Nail your launches and stop scrabbling about with the launch checklists, Facebook ads and overwhelming launch planning!


End the mentally and emotionally exhausting launch cycle and build the solid foundations which underpin everything in a successful, stress-free launch!


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Are you tired of overwhelming, disappointing launches that leave you feeling like a failure?

Do you want to make launches a consistent part of your business, but so far haven't had much - or any - success with them?

Join my FREE 5-day Confident Launch Challenge and let me show you how to wave goodbye to those stressful, unhappy launches and hello to ones that support you and your business and bring you the freedom, profits and success you want - even if they've never worked for you before!


  • Discover what it truly takes to have enjoyable, engaging launches that your audience connect with, BUY from, and love being a part of, time and time again, without wearing yourself out in the process!

  • How to authentically build more engagement, more trust and so more SALES in your launches, even if you’ve had numerous “failed” or no-sales launches before

  • What your hidden launch saboteurs are and how you can stop them from derailing your launches, losing you sales and damaging your business 


Take action

  •  Start planning your successful, confident and sustainable launches (and binning the ones that bring you down and lead you nowhere) 

  • Take daily action and stay accountable to working on the core elements of every successful launch


  • Focus in on the #1 thing that you MUST have to be consistently successful in your launches (that ALL the big-hitting launchers have nailed)

What To Expect From The Confident Launch Challenge...

Welcome! I'm Alice and I'll be your challenge host!

I remember all too well what it feels like to have launches that "flop" and make you question what you did wrong, why they didn't work, and whether you've got it in you to be successful in them at all. Ever.

I started my launch journey because I didn't want to be selling all year, and I knew that launches could bring me the freedom and revenue I wanted, but after three failed attempts, I was ready to give up.

When I finally got the results I wanted from a launch, after having STOPPED doing all the "launchy" things, and focusing instead on the inner work and my launch success mindset, I knew that this was the missing piece to ongoing successful launches.

And now I'm on a mission to show entrepreneurs everywhere how having a confident launch success mindset underpins EVERY successful launch, and how having one,guarantees that launches will never fail for you ever again.

Which is exactly what this 5-day Confident Launch Challenge is going to do! Open your eyes to what it really takes, so you can start to build the life and freedom you want through the power of confident launches!

Alice x


Clare S, Fertility Coach

After working on my launch mindset with Alice, I now feel much more confident about launching, more creative and less daunted about the whole process!