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The 5 Day Confident Launch Challenge

 Build true confidence and achieve the success you want from your launches in just 5 days!

A launch challenge like NO OTHER!


Over 5 days, you'll find out...


- how to build TRUE launch confidence, which is the foundation for successful and sustainable launches - no more “fake it to make it” nonsense, what I’ll show are the things that WORK

- The proven tools and techniques that I use with my clients to build a rock-solid belief in themselves, their business and their launches 

- What it takes to launch feeling excited, proud and supported, so you get exactly the success you want from your launches!

Notepad on Desk

Can I let you in on something...?

A LOT of entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with launch confidence and “launch self-esteem”.

They may not admit it so much - not even to themselves - (because we all need to stay as positive as we can, right …) but it’s true.

And it’s especially true when they’ve had disappointing or “failed” launch experiences in the past.

And perhaps this is you? Perhaps you feel the same way? I know I certainly used to.

If so, you’re not alone with this.


I hear about it, and see it all.the.time.


But there’s something you can do about it, and there’s absolutely a way you can get out of this launch fog and misery (even if you’ve launched multiple times before with little success);  The 5 Day Launch Confidence Challenge!

This is a totally FREE 5 day challenge like none other that can REALLY help you to have the confident and successful launches you want in 5 days or less!

- Just imagine the difference a new found confidence would make in your launches.


- How much more you could connect with your audience and serve them.


- How much nicer it would feel to sell your services and products in them and to finally have the success you want.

Doesn't that sound amazing??

Days 1 & 2

Start building the foundations to true launch success (which have nothing to do with email sequences or converting fb ads!)

Day 3

Uncover the truth behind what's sabotaging your launches (it's not what you think) and put in place the tools that are essential for ongoing launch success

Day 4

 Discover how to put an end to exhausting launches that make you no sales and leave you feeling disappointed and start designing and enjoying ones that get you lasting results instead

Day 5

Find out what it takes to finish every launch feeling happy and fulfilled ( goodbye depressing, "failed" launches and awkward launch de-brief conversations with friends and family!)


So, if you’re struggling with your launch confidence, if you’re not getting the results you want from your launches despite doing all the launch-y things, I urge you to sign up RIGHT NOW to this challenge!


 You won’t regret it!

We start on Monday, 17th August.

See you there!