Let Your Passions Burn Brighter Than Your Fears.

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Alice and I help loving, passionate and heart-centered coaches, mentors and consultants to achieve more balance, self-belief, coaching and life success.

I have 3 children, I'm married to Oliver and I live in North Wiltshire.

I never iron my clothes, probably (definitely) eat too much chocolate, love the seaside, (especially the wild seaside), and often think I'm a lot funnier than I am...!I can also do a scarily good impression of a barking dog...(no joke!)


I still believe that I'm not old enough or sensible enough to have this level of responsibility, often feel like a bit of an imposter in my life (yep, mindset and confidence coaches have to keep working on themselves too!) and am an avid believer in love at first sight...

...and I'm deeply passionate and committed to helping the change-maker coaches out there, who serve and support their clients so wholeheartedly, to become the best selves they can be, so that they live a life that shines, a life that's everything they want it to be and so that they can be the coach and the transformation-maker they've always had that calling to be. To fulfil their purpose and serve their clients in the best way they can.

I work with my clients in a couple of ways, through 1-1 support and group programmes, and have been blessed to have always worked with wonderful, passionate women who share my values and ambitions as a coach. I've taught meditation since 2013, and coached women in various roles for almost a decade. I became an EFT Practitioner after falling inlove with my very fist session and the life-changing shift I felt from it. It's truly a joy to share all of these tools I've learnt with my clients because of the profound impact they can have on their lives; it's wonderful stuff!


"Thank you so much for the sessions, I really enjoyed them and cannot believe the shifts I’ve felt..I'm already feeling the intensity gone from many situations it’s such powerful stuff! Thank you for being so intuitive, understanding and basically super kind - it was a pleasure having you by my side as I tackled these long held self beliefs!"

Jane W.

My Story...


I've worked within the psychology "field" for most of my career; in my twenties working for mental health NHS trusts whilst studying for my Psychology degree, and then in Chicago working with women from challenging backgrounds, supporting them with their confidence and choices as they navigated their pregnancies and births. I trained as an empowerment coach and meditation teacher in 2013, and haven't looked back.

But when I made the decision to start focusing more on my goals and passions towards the end of 2017, I was to be honest, a pretty low-confidence, low-energy coach. Which is ironic since this is essentially the thing I teach individuals not to be.

I knew how critically important self confidence and belief was, I coached clients with it, but it was very much a case of believe it wholeheartedly in others, but not so much in yourself. I could have supported people and championed others until the cows came home, but when it came to me, I was doubtful, believed that the things I wanted weren't meant for me, and that I just wasn't good enough to be the coach - and person - I wanted to be. That I somehow didn't deserve to be.  I carried around a ton of insecurities, and all the while putting on a brave face, and convincing others and myself that I was OK and that I had it all under control. I'd perfected putting on a positive and confident show.

It wasn't until early 2018 when things nosedived at home that it twigged; I - and no-one else - was responsible for holding myself back.


My beliefs and self-imposed limitations were the reason why my business wasn't really taking off, why I wasn't showing up and engaging in my life and with my family the way I wanted to. It was all in my head, so to speak.


So I made decision to change. I was SO sick of playing small. Of believing all the sh*t in my head.


I worked with coaches and mentors. I read tons of books. I attended mindset masterminds and webinars. I met people who shared the same values and beliefs as me. and ditched the ones who didn't. I upped my meditation practice and I asked myself some deep questions that hurt. I worked every day, chipping away at the subconscious and conscious blocks that were so clearly holding me back. 


And things changed.


 I realised - and started to believe that I was good enough.


That I had value and a place in this world.


That what I did was important, that people needed what I could offer them.


That how I was, and how I showed up and lived my life was perfect for me.


That I could live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life that I wanted.


I stopped believing that I wasn't mainstream enough, that I was too imbalanced and emotional, that I was never going to make it in life, that I just wasn't enough.


And I stopped believing that I was the rubbish person that I'd always believed and felt I was.

And guess what happened ??


Yep, my work as a coach, and the belief I had as one took off.


I booked clients, re-certified as a meditation teacher and became an EFT practitioner.


I persued - unapologetically - the path I knew I wanted to follow, the one that's been written in the stars for me my whole life.


So when it comes to sharing my story, and sharing my journey here with you now, my main reason for doing so is to tell you - my fellow coach - that you can become the person you want to be, too.


That you can remove your limitations, the ones that are stopping you from truly stepping into being the coach you want to be and living the free life you want to live.


The limitations that are holding you back from serving your clients in the way you truly want to, from making the income you want to, and from being the person and living the life you want to.

Because if I can do it, my goodness you can too.

If I can end the incessant dis-beliefs about my abilities and worth, then you absolutely can too.


If I can move from working in a business I didn't feel proud and confident to be in , you truly can too, no matter how long you've been coaching, how far ahead you are in your journey, or what level of success you see yourself at. 

And I know that because I see it every day in the techniques I teach and personally use; the ones that are a complete game-changer for your life, and your passions and dreams.

Alice x

"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passions burned brighter than her fears."

Mark Anthony