Balance, Believe, Become.

Creative Life Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs

A nourishing and restorative sanctuary where you'll conquer your overwhelm and self doubt and end the summer with renewed energy, self-belief and clarity.

During this unique retreat you will...

Catch up on the physical, emotional and mental rest that you've been missing so that you can start fully engaging in your life and your business.

Work on the self-doubt and feelings of low self-belief that you have about yourself which are holding you back from progressing to where you'd like to be.

Release the pressure you’re feeling about how you're showing up for your loved ones and in your business and start creating the balance you've been looking for

Leave with clarity, confidence and positivity about the steps you need to take your life to the next level.

Hello, I'm Alice and I'm a life balance coach, and I'll be your host for this summer retreat.

I've worked with women like you for almost a decade (with a couple of breaks here and there to have my babies!), supporting them to end their overwhelm and achieve the changes they want to see in both their personal and professional lives. I've helped them to get the balance and results they want through gentle, yet effective methods and techniques.

And as a mum of three, and a busy business owner, I know only too well what it feels like to juggle a hundred balls in the air.


Trying so hard all the time to care and nurture a young family whilst also serving and

growing my business.


I remember how consumed I felt by this pressure and overwhelm and how it just wasn't serving me or making me happy.


And I also know exactly what low self-belief feels like too, the thing so many women like us carry around daily. How often it seems like you're simply incapable of properly getting a grip on things and how you constantly question whether you're cut out or good enough to succeed and enjoy both the business and life experiences you're looking for.

​But I also know there's something you can do about it.


The techniques you can learn and practice to get yourself out of your own way and on to greater things. The techniques and tools we'll be using in this retreat which have worked wonders for me, and for the women I've supported.

So if you're ready to change what's not working, if your ready to get your head - and your business -together, and you're looking to end this summer truly on a high, then this retreat is a MUST-DO for you. 

You feel it, I can see it.


The tug, the yearning, the desire in you to really get out into the world and show it what you do, what you create, what you love, what's bursting inside you.

I see you, your skills, your enthusiasm, your passion. The hard work that's got you to where you are today, the time and love you've put into your making and creating.

I see you, confident on the surface (to an extent) and proud of what you've achieved so far.


But underneath a sometimes crippling fear of the "what next's?", "what if's?".


The self-doubt, insecurity and long-held beliefs that what you dream of, just isn't what's available to you, that you just don't deserve it, that your just not good enough, and that what you have so far is OK.

But what else I do see - what I see in so many women like you - is that you are so so more capable and talented than you believe you are. And I know that I can help you see it - and BELIEVE it too.

Because it's your belief that makes your business.

It's your belief that you are good enough, that what you do is special that makes your business.


It's your belief that people love, and NEED, in this crazy, unsettled world your talent to ground them and to lift them that makes your business.

It's you reminding them of the beauty and happiness that there is all around them through the colours and designs and shapes and makes that you produce that makes your business.

And your business is the vehicle we need to be able to see the beauty that there is in the world.

Because trust me, in these times more than ever, we need it.

Powerful, effective (yet effortlessly easy) game-changing creative life coaching for heart-centred female entrepreneurs, who are ready to invest in themselves and in the success and longevity of their business.

Women who are ready to get out of their own way and start releasing the huge potential, passion and talent inside them.


Women who know it's time to step things up and achieve the dreams and goals they see in their minds, and feel in their hearts.

As your coach, I'll work closely with you to help you banish the self-doubt and overwhelm that is clouding your business and stifling your creativity.


Using powerful coaching empowerment tools and mind-body practices such as deep meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),  we'll put the brakes on those limiting fears you’ve got playing on loop in the back of your mind about what's possible for you and your business, leaving you to embark on the next part of your journey with renewed energy, confidence and clarity. 

  • The confidence to say "YES" to more clients and projects WITHOUT the fear that you're not good enough to deliver what you've promised you will.

  • The head-space to think clearly and constructively about your business, its logistics,  and how you can grow and scale it in this competitive market-space.

  • Abundant energy and creativity and a mind-set that attracts and enables you to produce and share more of your talented work.

  • The strength to step up and be seen in your creative field as the gifted woman you are and to release the bursting beauty inside you.

I've worked with loving, heart-centered women like you for almost a decade (with a couple of breaks here and there to have my babies), supporting them to achieve the changes they want to see in both their personal and professional lives.

I’m a qualified and experienced Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher, EFT Practitioner and Empowerment Coach who remembers all too clearly what it feels like to run a small business whilst contending with overwhelm, self-doubt and a deep frustration that comes from not being able to share your music because of a lack of self-belief and confidence in your capabilities.


What it feels like to juggle a hundred balls in the air as you care for a family and run a small business, and what it feels like to constantly question whether you're cut out or good enough to have both the business success and life experiences you long for.

And I also know there's something you can do about it all, and the powerful techniques you can learn and apply to get yourself out of your own way and on to greater things. The exact ones I learnt and implemented myself, and coach my clients with powerful results.

Ones that can change EVERYTHING for you. Like they did for me.

So, if you're ready to tackle what's not working, if you're ready to get your head -and your business -together, and you're ready to spend some of the most valuable hours you've ever spent on your business, I'm here, at the end of the phone to talk through with no obligation or pressure,  through where you're at, where you want to go, and how I can help with that.

How together we can get all your beauty out and into the world.


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