1-1 Launch Mindset Coaching


If you're ready to launch differently, if you're ready to put an end to the exhausting and demoralising launches that have let you down (you know the ones,  the ones that finished with limited (or zero) sales, and left you full of self-doubt)...


...then I'm here to help.

To help you launch in a way like never before, and get you the launch results you want so you can grow a successful, sustainable business that supports you and the life you want to live.

For launches to work, they need to be approached differently.


I work with my clients on the things that really make the difference, and on what contributes to 80% of a their success - their launch MINDSET.


Because it's your mindset which ultimately decides whether a launch flops or flies.

Done right, launches strengthen a business, but done wrong, they can destroy them. ​

As your Launch Success & Mindset Coach , it's my goal to make launches work for you by looking at the bigger picture and making your mindset and the psychology of launches - the 80% of their success - center stage.

Launch Therapy

Launch Therapy is an online 1-1 private coaching and therapy service for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to leave the pain of their previous launches behind them and build a business they love through the power of confident, successful and sustainable launches. 

It's a deep dive into the launch success mindset - and business success mindset - that you need to grow your business and get consistent launch results. This is game-changing work, where you'll see shifts and transformations from the limiting beliefs, doubts and blocks  that have held you back. 

  • Transformations that will take you from dreading your launches to genuinely being excited for them.

  • Transformations that will stop you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and anxious about launching and all it entails.

  • Transformations that will stop all the desperate, painful and disappointing emotions that can crop up to take hold during a launch and scupper your results.

  • Transformations that will see your launches bringing more people into your world, that will build your business and brand visibility and increase your revenue and success in your launches. 

As your Launch Therapist & Coach, you'll work with me using a bespoke, personalised plan, which will help get you the launch and business results you need.


Prices start at £397 for a minimum of 4, 60 minute sessions. 

To book a free consultation call to see how launch therapy can help you and your launches, please fill out the form here.