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Are you ready to give up on launches?

Perhaps this sounds familiar...?

You've been through one - maybe even several - exhausting and disappointing launches.

You invested your time (wow, so much time), your money and your heart and soul into each of them.

And yet...

They didn't work.

- they didn't get you close to the results you were aiming for with them

- they didn't make the sales or get the sign ups you'd worked so hard for

- they weren't the launches that were supposed to change everything

And now you're in that place where you want to totally give up on them, and are starting to doubt whether not only launches - but your business too -  just isn't up to scratch. 

So, does this sound familiar? 

How about this, too...?

You meticulously mapped out your launches and your launch runway, planning what to work on all the way to cart close (and beyond).

You did all the strategic "launch-y" things. 

But you still didn't hit the goals you'd yourself.

And now you've been left scratching your head - agonising even -  wondering why your launches didn't work, when you'd done all the things the other successful launchers do.

You keeping playing thoughts over and over in your head, like;

"Perhaps I should have done more Facebook lives"

"Maybe my emails weren't interesting enough"

"Launches probably aren't meant for people like me anyway"

"What's wrong with me??? Why can't I just get it RIGHT???"

You've heard time and again that launches are key to you having the business and life you desire - you know about the revenue, growth and impact potential they have.

And yet yours? It seems that your launches are just falling on their face.

You just can't seem to figure them out (even when they seem so easy and fun to others).

You're disheartened, deflated and frustrated and full of launch, business and self doubt.

You don't want to be selling all year round, you want to make launches work and you want to see your business and sales grow, but at the moment, they're on shaky ground...

Yep, I get it.

It's beyond demoralising when launches don't work out when you've put so much into them, emotionally, mentally, financially (boy do I know what that feels like).

When you've done EVERYTHING you were meant to do...

....connecting and providing so much value to to your audience....running the traffic and conversion ads....putting yourself out there day after day.....

You're sick of just getting by in your business and  frustrated at seeing other entrepreneurs like you having these amazing launches.

You desperately want a launch that energises you and gets you results, makes you sales, builds your audience.

That enables you to achieve the impact you set out to achieve with your business all that time ago, and enjoy the freedom and revenue that you know powerful launches can bring.

Here's the thing

  1. You CAN have those sorts of launches.

  2. You CAN join the successful launchers club.

  3. You don't need to let your past launch failures dictate the future of your business.

But if you want rewarding launches, and for them to support the business and the life you dream of...

...then you need to do something different than what you've already been doing.

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Imagine for a moment that your launches...

- are fun and pressure-free and don't leave you in a crumpled heap after 2 weeks of solid work

- are something you look forward to, and that you feel totally confident doing

- get you the results you want time and time again (no more depressing conversations about what went wrong "this" time)

- successfully make you sales, grow your business, and build your revenue, creating for you the life you want to live

And I know all of this might sound like a bit of a pipe dream at the moment, given your experience with them so far...



you CAN have launches like this by simply getting your HEAD and your MIND fully in the launch game.

Brilliant and profitable launches CAN be yours when you take a step back from all the crazy launch tactics and work on your launch mindset instead.

The launch mindset that ALL the big-hitting, 5, 6, 7, figure launchers have and that works for them and their launches over and over again.

The launch mindset that's the secret weapon behind EVERY successful launch.

Sound good?


Then welcome to


The Launch Mindset Mastery Programme

A unique programme of teaching, learning and group coaching where I share with you and support you on the mindset techniques you need for launches that succeed each and every time.

A programme that means you can stop doing all the draining and unproductive launch-y things  and start  getting what it is you want from your launches.

In this launch changing programme, you'll discover and embed the launch success mindset you need for launches that sell and convert and that have made millions for the launch rockstars.

The mindset techniques that make launches finally work for you so that you never have to suffer the humiliating and crushing defeat of a bombed launch again.

What to expect from the Launch Mindset Mastery Programme



- Course modules that identify the key launch success mindset traits you need to improve your launch results and conversions

- Mindset techniques unique to launching that work, and are grounded in proven psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches (there's no fluff here)

- Workbooks to dig deep, take action, and make the mindset shifts you need for launches that make you feel proud

- Audio recordings to listen to and absorb, each one broken down into easy, bite-sized chunks (say goodbye to those overwhelming launch learning materials)



- Lifetime access to the Launch Mindset Mastery private Facebook group where you'll bring your launch mindset questions to monthly Q&A coaching sessions and get the individual support you need from me


- Monthly masterclasses to keep sharpening your big-hitting launch mindset (and develop your "doing" strategies too, we're not leaving this bit out!)

- Access to additional bonus resources and recordings, released regularly into the group from meditation downlaods to launch mindset checklists

Clare S

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You've got two choices right now...

- You could keep going as you are with your launches, giving another one or two a go, doubling down on all the stuff you "should" be doing (but don't enjoy) and STILL not get the results you want


- You could join the Launch Mindset Mastery Programme and make the progress and the profits you want in your launches so that you never have to dread another one again

It probably comes as no shocker that as in business, mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to launch success.

Because it's your thoughts which determine your beliefs and your actions. And it's your actions which determine your results.

The launch doing  is what contributes to 20% of a launch success.

Its the launch thinking which contributes to the other 80%.

Think about where you want to be in your launches 3, 6, 12 months from now. 

Will slogging away at them, using the same tactics and mindset you always have,  and taking the same actions really get you there?

Or will building a launch success mindset,  and taking the aligned and bolder actions this brings do it instead?

What do you think?

What approach do you think the big launchers would take? Which one do you think they chose every time they want to up-level?

The Launch Mindset Mastery Programme is unlike any other launch programme out there.

Its focus is on what WORKS, and what has been consistently proven to work when it comes to successful, confident and sustainable launches.

Shifting out-dated beliefs. Taking new actions. Getting better results.

So, if you want to turn your launches from failing to flying, to create the life and business you want, then Launch Mindset Mastery is the programme you need to do just that.


What to expect from the Launch Mindset Mastery Programme

- 4  Launch Mindset Mastery Modules;


Module 1: Self-belief;


We'll look at how you see yourself, identify what your self-doubts are and discover how they impact your launches (spoiler alert, if you don't believe in you, your audience won't either...)


Module 2: Business-belief;


This module is about tackling the limiting beliefs and fears you have about your business and offerings so that you show up confidently in your launches and sell more of what you do!   

Module 3: Money Mindset


The juicy one! We'll dig into your money stories and stifling money beliefs and release them so that you start to have the profitable, revenue building launches you want.

Module $: Launch Mindset


Here you'll work on the unique mindset you need for a confident and successful launch event, (with not a fake-it-to-make-it mentality in sight) and you'll make a plan to stop launch burnout and fear from sabotaging your launch results.


- Individual accompanying workbooks to dig deep and apply everything that's shifting for you


- Audio recordings and summary sheets for each module 

- Lifetime access to a private Facebook group exclusively for LMM students and alumni to share experiences, ask questions and celebrate launch successes!

- Monthly Q&A Launch Mindset Coaching for as long as you choose to stay with us in the group - yep, that's LIFETIME access to launch coaching!

- Monthly masterclasses on all things launchy (we still believe in the 20% launch doing around here, too!)

- Members-only discounts on private 1- 1 coaching with me

Enrol in Launch Mindset Mastery today!

£197* (*founding member's price)


Let me tell you something; you have everything in you already to achieve a profitable and successful launch.

But you need to get that inner power, and confidence out in your launches, when it matters the most.

Your launch has every potential to be extraordinary, and to impact your business and your life ways you dream of, but if you're holding back,  if you've not dealt with the underlying limiting beliefs and fears you have about yourself, your business and your launch , you simply won't get the success you want from it.

Make your next launch count.

Because if you crack one launch, you'll crack them all.

Alice x