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You're overwhelmed - it feels like there's SO much to do, so many boxes to tick and tasks to complete to make sure your launch is a success.


You've got 50 bonjoros to record, your facebook group to set up and show up in consistently.


All your emails to write and schedule.


You've got your slides to do, your launch content to map out and practise, your sales page written, cart to set up and the actual launch itself to run.

And to maintain something of a functioning  life alongside it all.

You don't want to drop the ball on any of these things.

 You know (because you know what launching's all about) that all of these moving pieces done right, will far increase your chances of a successful launch.

And my goodness you want a successful launch.


You've seen and know the powerful impact it can have on your business, your income and your life.


You want to work with more clients, you want to fill your programmes, sell your products and you want more income so that you can enjoy the fulfilling and full life you dream of for you and your family.


And you KNOW it's possible. You can feel it.


You've seen it happen for lots of other people, you've may even had a bit of success with one in the past and you've heard so much about a launch's potential (because let's face it, you're a little launch obsessed right now).

But all this launch work; it's A LOT.


And fitting it in around everything else in your business and personal's exhausting.


You're tired, working long hours.


You're not sure whether you're coming and going a lot of the time, what task you should be working on next in your launch or what your real priorities are.


Your mind is consumed with launching that it's difficult to switch off and engage with the rest of your life; it feels like all you want to do with your time is work on your launch, even when it's not that much fun.


Because you know that if you do the work, you'll launch like a pro.


And that a launch like that can impact a business's growth and potential dramatically.


But you know too that if you drop the ball and rest on your laurels, you risk going back to where you don't want to be in your business; always on the look out for new clients, always wondering if there's an easier, less stressful way to grow a thriving business you love. Always just ... getting by.


But right now, you're losing your focus and enthusiasm for launching and starting to wonder if it's really worth it.

And then there's the self doubt...


"What if this doesn't work??"


"Oh my god, what if no-one turns up and does my challenge?"


"What if I've not got the content in my webinar that my audience actually needs and that I've spent hours working on??"

"What if my ads don't work and I've invested all this money for nothing?"

"What if it flops and I suck at being on camera and look like an idiot?"


"What do I do then?? Have I got the energy left to pick myself up and carry on?"

Not only are you battling launch fatigue, but you've got this negative, limiting chit-chat going around & around in your head.


And you're panicking about this, because you know mindset is so important in a launch, and you're not sure you've got your head together enough.


You're going back and forth between; "I can totally do this, I'm confident and capable!" to; "I'm not good enough, I don't deserve this, I can't pull off a big successful launch, it's just not meant for me."


And these mental blocks that clutter up your mind, and which you can almost feel in your body; you're not sure you can hold them off from jeopardising your launch success...because when you really think about it, you know they've cocked things up for you before, so what makes a launch any different?



 But what if there was an easy way you could end this cycle of self-doubt, and get confident, calm and in control of your launch journey ?

What if you could quickly challenge and remove those launch limiting fears and doubts and gain the confidence & rock solid mindset you need to get the conversions you want in your launch to hit your good-better or BEST launch goals?

A way you could quickly and consistently quiet your mind that's buzzing with the long list of launch to-do's and what-ifs? 


What if there was a way you could get the remotional and mental support you need as you launch so that you don't end up drained, exhausted and desperate?


What if you found the missing piece that made the difference between you excelling in your launch and crashing and burning out?


What could it do to your launch results, conversion rates and income?

What could that do to your experience of launching, to how much you actually enjoy the process?

To the impact and experience you have on your clients and how you change their lives?


What could it do to the fulfilment you feel in your life? To the opportunities, possibilities and adventures you'd have and that you could share and experience with your loved ones?


I know you.

I know you don't want to give up on this.

I know you want to make a success of your business, and for launches to play a part in that.

I know you want to be able to support yourself and your family with the income your business makes, so that life is fun, exciting and fully lived. You don't want to feel lack and always be struggling for ways to make this happen.


I know you want to get out there and change lives. Serve people. Show up and make an impact.

And most of all, I know you want to feel proud of yourself, confident and happy.

And that you're sick of playing small.

So before you lose any more hope and momentum in yourself and your launch;



let's identify and work on what's going on here, on the issues that are holding you back and the changes you need to make to overcome these obstacles and get yourself fully in the launching space.

Let's get your energy back, and break through those blocks into more focus, possibility and results.


And let's start moving your launch forward with renewed positivity and passion.

Let's start playing it BIG.






Confident, Calm Launching: How To Overcome Your Launch Fears And Build A Business That Thrives

Go from Launch Fear & Burnout To Launch Love & Confidence In 5 Weeks 


Finally Make Launches Work For Your Business As Your Overcome Your Launch Exhaustion & Anxieties...

  • Improve your launch results and sales conversions by as much as 60% with game-changing mindset tools and confidence coaching

  • Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs about your ability to have a successful and profitable launch and stop them from taking a hold and sabotaging your results

  • End your launch overwhelm, sky-rocket your energy & positivity and dramatically reduce your stress levels during your launch so you can show up for your audience fully engaged and present

  • Gain consistent, calm control over all the moving parts of your launch

  •  Influence and increase your audience engagement and enthusiasm in your launch to boost conversions and sales

  • Build a solid toolbox of positive mindset techniques to use for every launch, to boost your energy levels, manage your anxieties and grow your business each time through the power of confident, calm launches

  • Get the continuous support you need from the rollercoaster of emotions you experience over the course of a launch cycle so that you thrive in your event, enjoy the ride, build credibility in your launches and fill your programmes and services

Clare S, Fertility Coach

"Alice has a lovely, calming and caring manner.  My sessions with her were incredible, amazing; I couldn't get over how successful they were. I wanted to stop worrying about everything, but specifically about my new business venture and the anxieties I felt around it. Alice helped me pinpoint what was really concerning me and after each session I no longer had the concern we were working on. I loved it and would highly recommend to anyone.

Rebecca T, Facebook Ads Strategist & Coach

"I wanted to work with Alice to learn a new skill for managing my emotions and the concerns I had about my business.  I felt instantly in a safe place with Alice, and came away

from the sessions feeling inspired, uplifted and calm. 

She is wonderful to work with. 

What you can expect from the 

Confident & Calm Launch Programme

In-Depth Consultation Call & Personalised Programme of Support


It all starts by me getting to know you.


We'll take a detailed look at where you are now in your launch journey, and how you're feeling about it all. We'll look at how and where you experience stress in your business, the stress you experience when you launch (if you've launched in the past ) and the impact it can, and has had, and how we can manage this in your upcoming launch event.

We'll talk in-depth about your fears surrounding launching, discovering where they come from, what's behind them and crucially how we'll work to help you to overcome them.

4 weeks of Mindset & Confidence Coaching Sessions 


Each week we work together you'll have one 60 minute private, personalised meditation and relaxation session with me at a time and day that suits you (yes, I work weekends!) Think of this as your launch retreat - your launch spa time!


These powerful meditations work at deeply restoring your body and mind  as you navigate this intense time in your business and are tailored to your unique physical, emotional and mental needs (hold stress in your stomach? These will work to ease that tension. Find yourself short-tempered when things get on top of you? We'll focus the meditations on staying calm and patient when the heat is on.)


These sessions are a time for you to get a dedicated, scheduled time to rest, slow down and process the intensity of the work involved in your launch. Through these sessions you'll be calming all those to-do thoughts and re-balancing all the energy you've been exerting so that you can keep focused, calm and positive about your launch. You'll experience more motivation, energy and focus for what needs to get done each week for a fun, valuable and profitable launch. 


On top of this longer session, you'll also have an additional shorter 20 minute private meditation and relaxation session with me each week.


This will support you even further and keep you on top of any of the busy-nesses  and anxieties that have come up in that week of your launch . They'll also serve as a timely reminder to keep focused on and prioritising your self care.

Launch Limiting Beliefs & Block Busting EFT (Tapping) Sessions


There's nothing like putting yourself out there in the most visible and soul-bearing of ways (aka launching) to experience in full force those self-doubts, anxieties and self-imposed ego limitations that niggle away at the back of your mind.


So before you put your own spanner in the works, one of our priorities as soon as we start working together, will be uncovering and breaking through those launch-threatening unconscious blocks with an EFT Tapping session.

This is your deep-inner work time...time to get serious on getting rid of those launch sabateurs once and for all. THIS is what can change everything for you.


Becasue once you've released these doubts and insecurities, the ones that hang around your subconscious and which have immense power in the way you life your life and take action, once you do this, everything in your launch journey will feel lighter and more enjoyable.


You'll stop procrastinating over the tasks that need to get done (because procrastination is a lot about unprocessed fears). You'll feel insanely more confident about what you're doing in your launch and why and any doubt that you shouldn't be - or don't deserve to be - launching will become a distant'll feel focused, inspired and excited for your best launch yet.


We'll have further EFT Tapping sessions regularly throughout our time together to make sure you've dealt with and eliminated anything that might have been lurking and got stirred up and which could sabotage your results at critical stages of your launch.

Continuous Launch Confidence Coaching & Support Throughout The Duration Of Your Launch


Every week as you navigate through the stages of your launch, you'll have me right by your side for support, guidance and encouragement about anything affecting your launch confidence, energy and motivation.


I'll have your back as you work through some of the most demanding weeks in your business; you won't be doing this alone!


We'll get together for two sessions at times when you need them the most for you to off-load, process, rejoice or have a much-needed rant or cry. We'll talk through anything that needs sorting out, get you back on track and keep on top of that all important  launch mindset.


We'll also have a daily check in during launch week itself when the pressure really is on, settling any anxieties or panics about whether anyone will show up, whether the tech will work, whether you'll remember what you need to say .... I'll help you keep your head together and talk you through the bumps you hit on the way so that you have the epic - and enjoyable - launch you want.


And as if that's not enough....

You'll also get access to my bank of calming & motivational meditation mp3 recordings, reflective journal prompts and  a toolbox of mindfulness & confidence boosting techniques. 


You'll be able to dip into them in between our sessions to keep you on track, calm and uplifted, and  to maintain your amazing progress and momentum.

About me; your Calm & Confident Launch Programme Coach

I'm Alice and I've been teaching and coaching women with their confidence, mindset and emotional wellness for just under a decade in both the U.S and the U.K.


I'm a qualified EFT practitioner, Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Teacher and Confidence/Empowerment Coach and as well as working privately with my clients, I've shared my knowledge of Meditation and EFT and the importance of confidence and mindset through consulting and writing for a number of business owners and coaches.

As a business owner myself, I've also launched my own products and programmes and have worked with high-level launch coaches, so I fully understand from the ground up what it feels like emotionally, mentally and physically to launch a service or product within a business. 


It's my understanding and appreciation of not only the strategy and process of launching, but the emotional and mental intensity of launching which drives me to support my clients with such an integral and important aspect of their business through my powerful mind-body and action taking techniques.


Bethany M

The sessions I did with Alice completely exceeded my expectations. It was great to feel completely lost in the session and for a brief time focus on nothing else than breathing, feeling and stillness.

Sarah-Elizabeth R

During my sessions with Alice I felt not only refreshed but fully relaxed, I felt tension literally removing itself from my body. As I progressed I found myself becoming more in tune with myself. I can now fully appreciate how important it is to make time for myself having learnt how my stresses are passing into and impacting my life.

Sophie B

Having never done meditation before I had little knowledge of how it all worked, and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I was amazed at how hugely it affected me in my sessions, it opened up a whole load of emotions I had no idea I was harbouring. I felt good after each session as I felt a sense of release. I'm so happy that I did this; it's given me a totally new perspective.

Let me tell you something; you have everything in you already to achieve a profitable and successful launch.


But you need to get that power, focus and confidence out during your launch journey, when you need it the most.


Your launch has every potential to be extraordinary, and to impact your family, your business and your life in the ways that you dream of but if you're holding back, consciously or subconsciously, if you're emotionally and mentally drained and you're not in the place to give it your all, you'll not be the shining star your launch needs you to be.

That your audience needs you to be.

I know that the techniques I use in my programme of support can be game-changing. How they can dramatically improve the focus, motivation, productivity, energy and confidence you have in your launch. 

And what if these techniques were the ones that helped turn your business from the 1-1 model to the successful 1-many model that you're setting out to do with your launch? The techniques that were the ones that filled your course, sold out on your products and generating your most sales yet? What could that do to the time, energy and attention you have for your family, growing your business, living your best life?

What if these techniques were the ones that finally helped you shift the barriers, obstacles and blocks that have held you back for becoming your best self for so long? Not just the ones related to your launch but the ones that have been following you around for perhaps years? How would you then be able to show up in your launch, your business, in your life and to yourself? 

What if these techniques were the ones that made this your most successful launch yet?



That got you the 5 - 10 -15% conversion you've seen is possible? What could a successful launch mindset strategy do to your next, and subsequent and every future launch and the income and impact you want?

And what if these techniques and the successful launch they fuelled, were the ones that enabled you to impact and reach the people you want and to serve in ways you've never done before? What if they finally meant you were fully living out your purpose and your dreams,  and giving you the freedom, adventure and opportunity in your life you've been yearning for?


Within this programme of launch support, there is nothing to lose. And there is everything to gain. 

Make this launch count.

Make it the one that changes everything.

  • Weekly Private Meditation & Relaxation Sessions

Using the easiest, most effective mindfulness and relaxation techniques there are - perfect for busy minds and suitable for complete beginners. A blissful retreat to escape the craziness and overwhelm of a launch. 

  • Ongoing EFT Tapping Sessions

EFT has been shown to powerfully alleviate and eliminate stress, negative beliefs and trauma, almost instantly. These sessions, which work on releasing deep rooted fears and beliefs in your subconscious,  will amaze you with their power!

  •  Launch Confidence Coaching Sessions

A time to express and release anything that's come up or knocked you back as you plan, prepare and execute your launch, and to pick up some valuable tools to boost your confidence even further.

  • Continuous Support Throughout Your Launch

Unlimited access to me during the week  via messenger (or similar) throughout our time together to talk anything through or ask for guidance on anything concerning you.


PLUS! Bonus Meditations, Reflection Exercises & Mindfulness Tools 

4 Week Launch Mindset Coaching 

Work with me over four of the most intense weeks of your launch (Welcome Week, Launch Event Week, Cart Open Week and launch Close/De-brief week) - the time when you need the confidence, focus and support the most.

  • Weekly 1-1 private , tailored meditation/relaxation sessions

  • 2 x Fear-busting EFT sessions

  • 2 x Confidence Coaching Calls

  • 4 weeks of continuous launch support 


8 Week Launch Mindset Coaching

Build and implement a solid launch mindset strategy from early on in your journey and  make sure your head is the right place and at the right time for all the key elements of a successful launch.

  • Weekly 1-1 private , tailored meditation/relaxation sessions

  • 4 x Fear-busting EFT sessions

  • 2 x Coaching Calls

  • 8 weeks of continuous launch support


12 Week Launch Mindset Coaching

Maximise your chances for a successful launch! Work with me all the way from building your audience to serving your clients and really get that mindset, confidence and energy nailed!

  • Weekly 1-1 private & tailored meditation/relaxation sessions for the full 12 weeks

  • 4 x Fear-busting EFT sessions

  • 3 x Coaching Calls, to use whenever you need them the most

  • 12 weeks of continuous launch support


What You Get;

Name, Title

Testimonials about why its worth buying

Name, Title

Testimonials about why its worth buying

Name, Title

Testimonials about why its worth buying

I've invested so much into my launch already, I'm reluctant to sign up for something else related to it.

I get that, launches can be expensive and you need to be mindful of what you're investing in . The cost of your ads, tech,  and launch strategy programmes can all mount up.


But we all know the importance of managing stress in your business and for having belief and confidence in what you do. We know how it can transform your business. And the same applies to launches! Launches can bring these two things up in bucket loads so accounting for these impacts can make the difference between a launch you love and which excels, and a launch that makes you feel overwhelmed, defeated and unhappy with. 

Let's look at it another way; your launch investment is far more likely to be worthwhile if your mindset is working alongside, rather than against it.

And to make it easier for you at a time when your budget is taking a bit of a hit, I offer payment plans to all my clients.

I don't have the time during my launches to free up for this.

There's A LOT to do in a launch, I understand that. Tons of plates to juggle, and a life to live alongside it. Time definitely feels like a precious commodity when you launch.

But it's crucial that you put this time aside for yourself in both the run up to, and the launch itself. You need to be showing up energised, focused and full of confidence. If you ask anyone who's launched with huge results, they'll tell you that doing this was key to their success.

Our work together will take between 1-2 hours each week over the course of your launch, and it's up to you to decide how much homework you'd like to do on top. Which in the grand scheme of things, isn't much at all. And we can schedule your sessions in over weekends and evenings too, so that you can work our time around your launch business hours.

Frequently asked questions 

I've never done any meditation or EFT before - will it work for me?



You don't need to have done any meditation or EFT before to work with me and to get amazing results from these techniques.


Meditation and EFT are proven,  evidence based approaches to managing stress, overwhelm, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. Not only that, but they are two of the easiest, nicest and most effective ways you can get your head and energy levels in gear for your launch, without expending any additional energy to learn these techniques and see results! Perfect for launch times! 

My clients often use the words "amazing" "heavenly" and "unbelievable" after we've done a session together!

What if I miss a session, can I catch up?

I would always recommend and encourage you to keep to our session times and dates but we can do a ctah up session if something comes up (as it often can in a launch - thanks tech!)

Throughout our time together you'll have daily access to me where I can help you stay accountable to the imporatnce of this launch self-care and support you when it gets a bit bumpy. So even if you can't make a session, I'll still be there!

I haven't launched before, is this coaching suitable for me?

Totally! Whether you've launched before or not, getting your head together and managing your stress is crucial for any launch - a webinar, a challenge or a classroom launch. If you haven't launched before, having this plan of self-care and belief busting will massively boost your chances for a successful, high conversion first launch which will not only grow your business faster, but boost your confidence for launches so you can build on them each and every time.


And if you've launched before, and found it exhausting or not seen the results you wanted, working with me will help ensure your next launch excels and fills the programmes and courses you want it to.

But what about...?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Calm & Confident Launch Programme

8 Week Launch Mindset Coaching

eekly 1-1 private , tailored meditation/relaxation sessions

  • 4 x Fear-busting EFT sessions

  • 2 x Coaching Calls

  • 8 weeks of continuous launch support


12 Week Launch Mindset Coaching

  • Weekly 1-1 private & tailored meditation/relaxation sessions for the full 12 weeks

  • 4 x Fear-busting EFT sessions

  • 3 x Coaching Calls, to use whenever you need them the most

  • 12 weeks of continuous launch support


4 Week Launch Mindset Coaching 

  • Weekly 1-1 private , tailored meditation/relaxation sessions

  • 2 x Fear-busting EFT sessions

  • 2 x Confidence Coaching Calls

  • 4 weeks of continuous launch support 


Launches are TOUGH, even the launch pros don't find them an easy ride (ever wondered why they only do it a handful of times a year?) And I'm guessing that if you've got to the end of this page, you know it too.

Whether you've launched before, not launched yet or are a seasoned pro, I know that you know how vital managing your workload and stress and fully believing in your own success is critical for your launch.

You've invested so much time in your business over the years, but the investment in YOU and your launch right now, can be a game changer for your its future.

Because if you crack one launch, you'll crack them all.

Alice x