Are you a coach or course creator who dreams of having a lasting impact on the world and creating an abundant and exciting life you love?
And that you know that having confident, thriving online launches is the way to do it?
Then my FREE Facebook Community, The Launch Cafe, is the place for you.

The Launch Cafe is a supportive and welcoming place where we lead with love to support and champion each other to have powerful, profitable online launches that grow our business, serve our clients and achieve our dreams.


Here we work on what it takes to have launches that fly, by focussing both on the strategy, and importantly, the mindset that it takes to have launches that are not only a roaring success, but form a sustainable and fundamental part of our business. 


Because it’s here in The Launch Cafe where launch strategy meets launch mindset  that epic launches are born. 

If you want launches to be a part of your success strory - then this group is where you need to be.


Come and join us in this super-special cafe by signing up below.

What can you expect?

The Launch Cafe is a Facebook community exclusively for heart-led coaches and course-creators.


If you’re new to launching and know this is how you want to get yourself and your amazingness out there, or if you’re looking for support and guidance on how to scale your launches with confidence, this is where it’s at.


Every week, I’ll be in the group delivering live classes, Q&As and coaching sessions, and sharing launch techniques, tips and advice to take your launches and your business further than you ever thought possible.


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"After working with Alice, my most recent launch was a completely different experience to the last one in so many ways! It felt lighter, more enjoyable, easier and attracted more of my people. 

It left me feeling excited for my next, knowing I have a proven model to use again that elicited such a positive response!"

Rebecca T, Facebook Ads Strategist

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