Launch Money Mindset

A FREE 3-module course to help you nail your money mindset before your next launch!

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Do you want profitable and successful launches to be a part of your business strategy, and for them to bring in consistent sales and revenue?

To stop feeling self-conscious, uncomfortable and guilty about desiring to make good money in your launches?

Perhaps you're done with feeling stressed out and disheartened about not making enough - or any - money in them?

Maybe you're fed up of feeling that money-making and profitable launches aren't "meant" for you?

If the answers' "yes" to any of these, then it's time ....

It's time for you to build stronger, more empowering beliefs about money so that you can confidently talk about your products and programmes without feeling icky, salesy and sleazy.

And it's time to start having the successful, revenue building launches that support the life and business you want to have.


It's time to get working on your

Launch Money Mindset!

The Launch Money Mindset Mini-Course

 Conquer your launch money blocks, reprogram your money mindset and enjoy profitable, abundant launches WITHOUT a spreadsheet in sight!!

This FREE mini-course has been designed to help you powerfully address your attitudes and beliefs about money and enable you to overcome your blocks when it comes to making money in your launches and in your business.


It will give you the insight and tools you need to release your limiting money beliefs which are keeping you playing small and safe in your launches and from making the money you truly desire from them.


In this amazing course you will...

  • Learn about and release the dis-empowering, limiting money beliefs you have, and stop them from further sabotaging your future launches and business growth.

  • Shift out of a lack mentality and attract more abundance into your launches and into your life.

  • Finally break free from feeling guilty and self-conscious about making - and wanting to make - the money you desire in your launches, and in your business.

  • Start believing and trusting that you can hit your launch revenue goals.

  • Build a solid launch money mindset, allowing you to bring in the revenue you and your business wants from your launches.


Let's be honest...

launching isn't always easy.

But it's a whole lot harder when your money mindset is getting in the way too.

Your mind, your beliefs, and your thoughts are what truly drive the results and success of your launches. 

Which is why your unhelpful, hurtful and destructive money beliefs need to be released and replaced by ones which work for you and not against you in your launches.

So if it's time to dig out and dispand those money gremlins and build beliefs which serve you and your launches, the Launch Money Mindset Mini-Course is here to help you do just that! Enrol on this amazing FREE course today, and start doing some of the most powerful and launch-transforming work you've ever done!

What's included

  • 3 video lessons, where you'll learn about the most common, and most damaging money blocks and limiting beliefs and how they're impacting your launches

  • Course guide and introduction video to help you make the most out of the course

  • 32 page workbook to accompany each of the modules

  • Launch Money Mindset Action Plan to help you work towards having the profitable and abundant launches you're looking for!