The Calm Coach Club

A Relaxation & Meditation Monthly Membership Club & Supportive Community Exclusively For Coaches

Relax and switch off from the pressures and demands of your coaching business and build a self-care and mindfulness practice that supports you to live a healthy, happy life and to thrive as a coach.


 As coaches we know the importance of taking time for ourselves, to replenish and ensure we're performing at the highest level for our clients.  Many times, that's exactly what we support our clients to do.


But do we truly know, and recognise it's importance? Do we take our self-care, and business-care as seriously enough as we think we do? Do we really commit to doing things that settle our busy, creative minds, and heal our bodies that feel the stress and pressure we experience as we serve our clients to reach their goals? 


Or do we let our need for rest and stillness slip, only pick it up when we've got the time, and paper over the cracks with things that only just scratch the surface of what our bodies, minds and souls truly need?

Many times, this is exactly what we do.

And exactly what we shouldn't.

Because not only is our go-go-go with no balancing slow-slow-slow damaging us physically, mentally and emotionally, it's also directly affecting our coaching businesses.

It's leaving us overwhelmed, foggy-headed and exhausted.

It's impacting our motivation and enthusiasm for what we do, and what we love.

It's clouding our beliefs about what's possible for us and our businesses.

And it's holding us back, holding our clients back and denying us the life we want to live, the income we want to have and the impact we want to make.

So it's time we take our self-care seriously.


No more messing around.


No more making-do and snatching a bit of downtime as and when we can. Because it's no longer enough.

It's time we found a way we can take proper care of ,and support ourselves with, the demands that come from being a coach, and to rest, get still and experience the profound changes that this self-care can have on our life, our business and our happiness.


Welcome To

The Calm Coach Club

A Relaxation & Meditation Club And Supportive Community Exclusively For Coaches

Standard Monthly Membership:

FREE for April 2020 (then £19 for first 6 months, moving to £37 monthly)


VIP Monthly Membership Starting May 2020 £47 (for first 6 months, moving to £97 monthly)


  • Catch up on the physical, emotional and mental rest that you've been compromising on and start fully engaging with - and thriving in your life and your coaching business.

  • Book more clients, create more opportunities and work more efficiently as your stress , anxiety and overwhelm dramatically reduces.

  •  Improve your health and happiness and boost your energy levels as you learn effective & beautifully simple meditation and relaxation practices in a weekly group class.

  • Get ongoing support, guidance and accountability from wellness experts  and learn powerful tools & techniques that will help balance the demands from your coaching business so you stay calm and focused.

  • Be a part of a friendly & supportive private community of coaches on the same self-care and personal growth journey as you.

  • Achieve even greater peace and personal transformations through monthly personalised 1-1 relaxation & meditation sessions and wellness coaching (VIP only) 

Welcome to the Club!

When you join The Calm Coach Club, you'll get to experience and enjoy some of your most treasured, and essential hours of your week and belong to a community of coaches truly committed to their own self-care.


Not only will the classes guide you through some of the deepest and most nourishing types of meditations, but all of the practices you learn will work to relax you at every level of you mind, body and soul in effortless and powerful ways.


And all you need to do is relax back and listen in the comfort of your own home.


No need to get your joggers on, arrange for childcare or get into the car in the rain to head to a class in a stuffy gym studio or chilly village hall.  Just link up remotely on your phone or laptop, pop your headphones in, grab some blankets and cushions and let the magic of the classes do their thing.


There's no need to chase those intrusive thoughts away about what needs to get done in your business, what to cook for dinner, what you've still got on your to-do list. No need to sit cross-legged on a hard floor. The simple, effective relaxation classes and fully guided meditations will meet you where you are as you switch off, cosy up and just let go.

As a member of The Calm Coach Club on top of your weekly sessions, you'll also get expert guidance on the self-care tools and practices that can support your busy life, continuous support, advice and accountability on how to prioritise your mental, physical and emotional wellness as a coach, and group support from fellow coaches on the same journey as you. 

VIP Members can also look forward to monthly 1-1 personalised meditation and relaxation sessions and self-care and accountability private coaching. 

The Calm Coach Club

The only wellness and self-care club exclusively for coaches

Because it's a unique profession, being a coach. It can be exciting, intense, emotional, overwhelming and draining all at the same time, as you invest your time and energy into ensuring you wholeheartedly support your clients to achieve their goals. Whether you're a life-coach, marketing coach, or coach people without the actual coach "label", your role is an important one that you love.


But it can be exhausting, and a role where you quite often forget to look after yourself in. You can easily get caught up in meeting your client's needs, that you forget your own, leading to a build up of stress, anxiety and burnout, and negatively impacting your business and personal life.

And so it's vitally important to you, your business, and your life, that you take care of your needs too.


That you replenish the energy you give to your clients, and that you balance out the stress that can come from managing a coaching business with rest and self-care so that you can excel as a coach and enjoy the impact and income this brings.


Within each class that you attend in The Calm Coaches Club, you'll be effortlessly guided down through meditations into deeply healing and relaxing states. The Yoga Nidra meditations used in the classes connect you to your subconscious allowing physical and  emotional healing and transformations to occur at a deep and more impactful level.

These classes will also focus on mindfulness techniques, breath work and soothing visualisations that restore your physical health, build your immunity and balance your hormones - including that damaging stress hormone cortisol - so that you're firing on all cylinders.

The Calm Coach Club sessions will help you get more, and better quality sleep meaning you wake fully rested each day, ready and eager to engage with your clients and  work on your business. They'll help manage your stress and overwhelm so that you can think  and focus more clearly.

And each week, you'll receive prompts, advice and additional self-care tools to use to support your wellness as a coach, all within a private and safe hub of like-minded coaches. This is a place where you can share the ups and downs, joys and challenges of being a coach and to support each other to prioritise your needs so that you can be fully present in your life and for your clients.

But crucially, The Calm Coaches Club will give you the dedicated and essential time in your week to just step out, relax, switch off and focus on YOU.

The Calm Coach Club Member Benefits

FREE for April 2020 (then £19 for first 6 months, moving to £37 monthly)

  • Weekly 60 minute themed meditation & relaxation classes designed uniquely for busy, passionate coaches.

  • Supportive and small private Facebook group to share experiences, where you can ask for support and receive exclusive bonus classes, recordings and workshops. 

  • Reflection questions, prompts, wellness tools and advice each week on how to build on your practice and experience of self-care.

  • Small groups, where I get to know you and what you need with a maximum of 7 students. 

  • Classes currently run on Thursdays at 8pm (as of 19th March 2020)

  • Remote classes from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else in the world) - all you need is internet access.

  • No need to sit in uncomfortable poses, cold rooms or smelly gyms - our meditations are practised lying down, supported by cushions and tucked up warmly in blankets. Bliss!

VIP Monthly Membership - Starting May 2020 £47 (for first 6 months, moving to £97 monthly)

  • All of the benefits of a monthly membership PLUS

  • A monthly 60 minute private relaxation and meditation session with me where we focus on tailored practices that will benefit you the most and which will have the biggest impact on your wellness and how you process the demands of being a coach. 

  • A monthly 30 minute self-care accountability and wellness coaching session. Here, we'll map out your coming month's wellness goals and practices, identifying the obstacles that might get in the way of achieving them and how to overcome, or pivot around them. If you find it tricky to stick to your self-care goals and find things seem to be always getting in their way, this is the session you need!

Hello! I'm Alice, and I run The Calm Coach Club and I'd love to welcome you into our small, supportive self-care community where we can switch off, bliss out, and build our coaching businesses in the process!

I've taught yoga nidra meditation since 2013, and am fully certified and insured in the practice. Over my years of working as a wellness and confidence coach, I've also built a toolbox of mindfulness and relaxation techniques which I'll be sharing with you each week, along with support, advice and encouragement.


I fell in-love with yoga nidra meditation after my very first session, and practice several times each week, still loving every minute of it! I'm a daily user of mindfulness and mindset tools, and have seen in my work as a coach, how powerful they can be for how I show up and serve my clients. And I'm excited to show you how!

As a coach myself, I know how important it is to practice this mindfulness and restorative self-care, and how it needs to fit in easily with a coach's busy life. I also recognise how it needs to be effective and simple, which is why The Calm Coaches Club's guiding light is simplicity and strength in the approaches that it uses.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in class!

Alice x

Got questions?

Here's a few of the most FAQs about The Calm Coach Club. If you have anything else you'd like to ask me, just drop me an email and I'll get back to you asap!

How often are the classes?

You'll have one live class a week, every week. If one week you can't make the time of the class you originally signed up to when you joined the CCC, please get in touch and we can see if you can attend another that week instead.

Can I cancel my membership if it's not right for me?

Absolutely! Just drop me a line and we'll cancel it for you, no questions asked.

How do I get access to the additional weekly support and resources?

Everything you need for the week will be available in the private Facebook Group I'll add you to when you sign up in the "units" section.

Can I switch between the memberships if I find I need extra or less support?

Yes of course, but this will be subject to availability. Just let me know and we can organise that for the next month and book your sessions in.

How are the classes run?

Every class is streamed live through Zoom, and all of the instructions on how to access the classes will be sent to you when you join, but don't worry, it's super easy! If we have any technical issues during the class, I'll reshcule it for another day or give you a refund for that week if you can't make the rescheduled day/time. 

How do I book in my VIP coaching sessions and private classes?

When you sign up to the VIP membership, I'll get in touch to organise a short consultation call where we can go over your goals and where you're at right now, and then book in the sessions at a time that works for both of us (we can schedule in evenings and some weekends too). We'll stick to these days/times as far as we can, but if anything comes up, we'll keep in touch and move things about if we need to.